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Stroke Survivor Stories

You may find it helpful and encouraging to read our stroke survivor stories, particularly if you have shared some of the experiences and are able to identify with emotions, feelings and issues raised. Knowing that you are not alone and that other people are also reclaiming their lives after stroke can help reduce feelings of isolation. It can also be useful to read about different coping strategies that other younger stroke survivors have used.

People often find that writing their story can be difficult but it can also be a cathartic and positive process, as it can help in reaching acceptance and moving forward.

If you would like to share your story, please email us. You are welcome to include photos and also a contact email address if you’d like people who read your story to be able to get in touch.

Greet’s Story

October is World stroke awareness month, 29 October is World Stroke Day, close to my second anniversary of my stroke this year. It has not been the easiest of times, to realise that as a healthcare professional, one can be struck by the very syndrome caused by a major event, which many among my present and past patient population have had.

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