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Sex & Relationships

Relationships, sex, and dating are complicated at the best of times. After a stroke these aspects of life can become much more complex.


Whether you’re single or in a relationship we have compiled information, Q&A’s, useful resources, and personal stories that we hope will help you to navigate any issues that may arise.


Reclaiming your life is about LIVING and sex and relationships can be big parts of that.  We hope the different links will help you navigate this potential minefield.

Lydia Payne had a stroke in 2016 when she was aged 33. Here is her moving and helpful account about navigating sex after stroke with her husband Phil.

“It’s only embarrassing if you allow it to be! “

Read “We laughed our way through everything” here

This blog was written by Dolly Malone, a 26-year-old stroke survivor- living it up in a wheelchair with her trusty cat by her side.


“So, don’t allow yourself to get hung up on silly things and don’t allow something like a wheelchair to hold you back from an intimate relationship.”

Read “Being in a wheelchair doesn’t have to hinder you from a healthy relationship and sex life.” here

Thanks to all of our members for anonymously asking questions for us about this sensitive topic.  We asked a neuropsychologist some of the questions we’re most commonly asked and you can find links to videos of when we did this below.


If you have a question or worry that isn’t answered in any of the video playlists below please  and we can ask our amazing members on your behalf.  You are not alone and we’re sure someone will have found a way of dealing with whatever problem you might have.

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