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Wills and Legacies with Irwin Mitchell

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Writing a will can seem like a morbid and upsetting thing to do, however, it is a really important task that everyone should get done.

It’s a surprising fact that more than two-thirds of people in the UK do not have a will. Until last year I was one of them, I had two children already and a house so why hadn’t I thought about what would happen to them if I died? The honest truth is I thought I would somehow jinx myself, and as a healthy, youngish person I thought I had all the time in the world, as a non-superstitious and organised person that was ridiculous.


During my research into wills I discovered that statistically will writers live 8 years longer than non will writers, so that was all the push I needed to get started!

It’s important to know that if we die without a will we can cause unnecessary stress to our loved ones left to deal with our affairs and the state will decide what happens. Writing a will is the only way to ensure our wishes are carried out.

So don’t put it off, get those affairs in order and then enjoy life.  – Remember a will is life driven and only death activated.

So are you ready to write your will?

We have partnered with Irwin Mitchell, one of the largest and most respected law firms in the UK who are offering a postal will writing service at competitive rates. You are under no obligation should you contact Irwin Mitchell about any service, however, if you decide to go ahead with a will at a cost of £135 for a single or £190 for a mirror will they will make a donation of £25 or £50 to Different Strokes.

To start your will writing process please call 0330 123 2013 or email wills@irwinmitchell.co.uk, Irwin Mitchell will be happy to guide you through. Please note there may be additional charges for more complex wills but Irwin Mitchell will advise accordingly.