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We have a network of over 40 exercise and support groups across the UK. Each group is run by a volunteer-coordinator. Many of our coordinators are stroke survivors themselves.

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Our network of peer support and exercise groups empowers younger stroke survivors and carers to reclaim their lives by:

  • Learning more about stroke and how to cope with it by talking to others in the same situation
  • Feeling less isolated and more confident about life after stroke
  • Optimising recovery
  • Regaining as much independence as possible.

Our support groups are run by stroke survivor volunteers who are supported by our Group Development Manager. Activities include guest speakers, group outings and exercise. Exercise been shown to lift mood, reduce stress and increase self-confidence, carrying on where physiotherapy has left off. ‘Exercise can not only prevent stroke, but its use following a stroke enhances the plasticity of the brain allowing it to remodel itself leading to a better and faster recovery’ Pankaj Sharma, Different Strokes Medical Advisor.

Here is what  some of our group members have said about their experiences at our groups:

“Once physiotherapy has stopped you are just left on your own. At the Different Strokes exercise group there is no competition, I feel supported.  Which encourages me to keep motivating myself to do more. The social side has also been helpful, and we have a laugh too.”

“Until you become a carer for a family member you do not realise how hard it can be! without the support and care of the Different Strokes group life would be a lot lonelier and scarier”

“I really valued being able to talk through how to manage my energy levels with the group. Having advice first hand from others who have  also suffered a stroke and have a real insight into what you may be feeling is just so beneficial to me.”

If there isn’t a group in your area why not set one up yourself?  To find out what’s involved email caroline.saunders@differentstrokes.co.uk, or ring 01908 317618 or 0345 130 7172.  The job of a Volunteer Group Co-ordinator can be very rewarding, and we’ll give you all the information and support you need to run a successful support and exercise group.

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