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Social Impact Report

We use feedback from our annual survey of beneficiaries, case studies and social return on investment calculations to ensure that we are offering services that truly make a difference.

The heart of what we do

To ensure that stroke survivors and their families continue to be at the heart of what we do we produce an annual survey that is open to stroke survivors, family members, friends, carers and health professionals. We want to know if the services that we offer are meeting the needs of our community. The insight that this provides helps us ensure that we continue to deliver services that are relevant and from the heart. 

Accountability Matters

We cultivate a culture of transparency and want to ensure that anyone who invests in our charity, whether through fundraising, volunteering or partnerships can know that their investment is in safe hands. We combine data and social return on investment methodology to calculate how effectively we are using funds and how our services are impacting on the people that they support.

Picture of Abby who survived a stroke at just 36

Abby’s Story – Ischaemic Stroke at 36

After being sick I couldn’t get up off my bathroom floor despite fighting with all my will to do so. I was crying and confused but managed to get up after a while and continued to get ready for the day. At this point everything seemed reasonably OK and I genuinely thought I just had low energy due to being sick and slightly hungover, but I was scared and confused.

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Picture of Phil who survived a stroke at 53

Phil’s Story – Ischaemic Stroke at 53

Grieving is something I would recommend to everyone that has been impacted by stroke. I used to think grieving was something that you did when someone has died, but I finally realised that grieving is about acknowledging that things have changed, and coming to terms with it.

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Picture of Emily who survived a stroke at just 28

Emily’s Story – Ischaemic Stroke at 28

Since that day of the stroke, I’ve gone on to live a very full and healthy life; I’ve been able to walk down the aisle to get married, I’ve given birth (despite being very high risk) to two amazing and healthy kids, I’ve travelled the world, I’ve been a runner and even shuffled through several half marathons and even a couple triathlons.

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