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Social Impact Report

We use feedback from our annual survey of beneficiaries, case studies and social return on investment calculations to ensure that we are offering services that truly make a difference.

The heart of what we do

To ensure that stroke survivors and their families continue to be at the heart of what we do we produce an annual survey that is open to stroke survivors, family members, friends, carers and health professionals. We want to know if the services that we offer are meeting the needs of our community. The insight that this provides helps us ensure that we continue to deliver services that are relevant and from the heart. 

Accountability Matters

We cultivate a culture of transparency and want to ensure that anyone who invests in our charity, whether through fundraising, volunteering or partnerships can know that their investment is in safe hands. We combine data and social return on investment methodology to calculate how effectively we are using funds and how our services are impacting on the people that they support.

Picture of Deya who survived a stroke at just 28

Deya’s Story – Haemorrhagic Stroke at 28

I would recommend counselling and also speaking to others who’ve  suffered physical weakness after a stroke or any disability. It was definitely helpful for me to open up and understand my pain. This enabled me to move forward with my life.

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Picture of Erin who survived an ischaemic stroke at just 45

Erin’s Story – Ischaemic Stroke at 45

Being a singer and the musical director of my band is the once place where I feel I have control over my environment. My band is a safe place where I can make make choices; over my body over my life – and having an outlet to express and process my emotions is my saviour. If you’re a survivor too I hope you are as lucky as me to find something like this that you use to help you love the life for of your own. Recovery can be hard and I hope you too make the most of yours.

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Picture of Andy who survived an ischaemic stroke aged 51

Andy’s Story – Ischaemic Stroke at 51 – “A Day like No Other”

The frustration grew and grew, it took concentration the like I have never known. It seemed to take an eternity but suddenly there it was a small movement in my fingers; the tiniest of movements but it was a step forward
“Always a little further” I thought -and if I can do this every day, and a little further, I will get there. I can fix this I thought. I will not be beaten by this.

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Picture of Pamela, who survived a stroke at 51 public speaking and raising awareness of life after stroke

Pamela’s Story – Haemorrhagic Stroke aged 51

I keep myself busy with my rehabilitation. I always worked hard pre stroke, so I see this is my job now – and I work hard at it.

I had a stroke. I cannot fault the care I’ve received. I would have liked to have been given more guidance on what’s available locally for someone who’s had a stroke. Fortunately I’m a bit of a squirrel and hunt things out, but not everyone is like me, so please do make the effort and ask for help like this if you’re a stroke survivor who might benefit from it.

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