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Social Impact Report

We use feedback from our annual survey of beneficiaries, case studies and social return on investment calculations to ensure that we are offering services that truly make a difference.

The heart of what we do

To ensure that stroke survivors and their families continue to be at the heart of what we do we produce an annual survey that is open to stroke survivors, family members, friends, carers and health professionals. We want to know if the services that we offer are meeting the needs of our community. The insight that this provides helps us ensure that we continue to deliver services that are relevant and from the heart. 

Accountability Matters

We cultivate a culture of transparency and want to ensure that anyone who invests in our charity, whether through fundraising, volunteering or partnerships can know that their investment is in safe hands. We combine data and social return on investment methodology to calculate how effectively we are using funds and how our services are impacting on the people that they support.

Picture of Aimee who survived an ischaemic stroke aged just 40

Aimee’s Story – Ischaemic Stroke at 40

This was breaking my heart. I wanted to reassure her, but I didn’t want to scare her. My husband got them ready for nursery and I waited on the bed with my mind racing. Was I leaving my home, my children, my husband and coming back a different person? What did this mean to me, us as a family? Would I need full-time care? Would I walk again? I was convinced it was a stroke, and tears fell down my face. My daughter came in and wanted to hold my hand. I tried to reassure her but my words were so slurred.

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Picture of Gavin who survived an ischaemic stroke at just 51

Gavin’s Story – Ischaemic Stroke at 51

Gavin’s story sheds light on the challenges faced by young stroke survivors and the importance of resilience in the face of adversity. Through determination, energy, and focus, Gavin has not only overcome the hurdles of stroke recovery but has also emerged stronger and more empowered than ever before.

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Picture of Rachel who survived a Haemorrhagic Stroke at 26

Rachel’s Story – Haemorrhagic Stroke at 26

It’s affected my moods; that would be the big thing. I still have panic attacks, like it’s going to happen again, which brings me down some days as I feel like I’m on a knife edge, but it’s changed my whole perspective in life and how I look at things!

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Picture of Laura who survived a stoke at just 33

Laura’s Story – Ischaemic Stroke at 33

I had the MRI a few hours later and sure enough three stroke consultants pulled me and my dad into a room and told me I’d had a stroke. I burst into tears and asked if I was going to die. “Please don’t let me die, I have a 2 year old and she needs me.” I said and the consultant said I wouldn’t die, but that I would need to be admitted to the stroke ward for some further tests.

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Picture of Simon who survived a stroke at just 33

Simon’s Story – Ischaemic Stroke age at 33

I’m not a stroke victim, I’m a stroke survivor and as many people know there are often multiple factors to stroke, but I believe this builds on me as a person. These events led me to reflection. I handed in my notice and quit my job, knowing my job wasn’t good for my health. I have a family to support, and my health is much more important than anything!

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