Information Line: 0345 1307172


What we do

We provide an information line for those affected by stroke.

You can call us on 0345 130 7172 to talk about life after stroke, share experiences, and to ask for practical information

We have over 40 support & exercise groups around the UK where you can learn more about life after stroke, share experiences and receive emotional support from other people who understand your situation.

We have a Facebook support group where you can connect with other stroke survivors to share experiences, receive emotional support and feel less isolated. The group is open to stroke survivors and family members in the UK.

All of our services are available to stroke survivors and family members. We have resources to help you to understand life after stroke, including a special information pack for children to help them to understand what has happened to mum or dad.

Reading about different coping strategies that other younger stroke survivors have used, knowing that you’re not alone, and knowing that other people are also rebuilding their lives after stroke can be encouraging, and help to break down feelings of isolation.

Our team of volunteer befrienders are all young people who have had a stroke themselves. Our befrienders are available to offer 1:1 support and advice to other young stroke survivors by telephone.

We run 6 free exercise sessions every week on our Facebook and YouTube channel.