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Family Support

Different Strokes provides support to families where either a child has had a stroke or a child is affected by the stroke of a parent. Genise Turnbull, our Family Support Officer, has her own personal experience.

Family resource pack

When Mum or Dad has a stroke, what do you tell the children?

This resource pack was developed with the help of children who have a parent who has had a stroke.  Available in different formats to cover the whole age range from toddler to teenager, it explains to children what is happening when their mum or dad suddenly has a stroke.  This can be an incredibly scary time for children and the booklets can be used as a starting point for some of those difficult conversations and to support children through the whole experience.

These packs are given free of charge to families who contact us directly. Please contact Genise using the details below.

These resources can also be ordered as a complete pack or as individual leaflets for use in healthcare settings. The packs include:

  • 1 Prompt poster to display on the ward
  • 2 Books (one for Mum being affected and one for Dad) with fold-out pages and activities for younger children
  • 2 Comics (one for Mum being affected and one for Dad) for older children
  • 1 Magazine article for teens and preteens

To request a copy call 01908 317 618 or 0345 130 7172 or email genise.turnbull@differentstrokes.co.uk

Genise’s Story

“I am a stroke survivor, I was 34 years old with a 4 ½ month old baby called Robyn, I was on maternity leave when I had my stroke unexpectedly, so know at first hand the trials and tribulations of recovering from a stroke and caring for a child.

My husband Jason also had a stroke 5 years ago, and consequently I have experience of caring for him.”

For more information, contact Genise by emailing genise.turnbull@differentstrokes.co.uk or ring 01908 317618 or 0345 130 7172.