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Strokes in Young People: Resources & Help

Teen & Young Adult Survivors

strokes in young people

Strokes in young people can be detrimental to one’s life without the right resources and assistance. Through our experiences of supporting very young stroke survivors, we know how important it is to provide services and information that caters to the unique needs and wants of stroke survivors in their teens and early twenties.

We have been working alongside younger stroke survivors to create services and resources that we hope will help survivors to navigate life post-stroke and to let them know that they are not alone on their recovery journey.

Befriending Service

In 2020 we launched our Teen and Young Adult Befriending Service and we invite young people to contact us who would benefit from this service.  We have recruited a team of lovely volunteers who are all young people who have had a stroke themselves. Our volunteers are available to offer 1:1 support and advice to other young stroke survivors by telephone.

We are offering this service to young stroke survivors aged 16-25.

Genise Turnbull, Family Support Officer, said

“As a stroke survivor myself, I know how important it is to be able to talk to someone who has gone through similar experiences.  This is even more important for young people, who find themselves having to come to terms with a stroke during their formative years.  While support materials are available for young people from a number of organisations, there is a lack of personalised 1:1 peer support, so we’re really pleased to have five young stroke survivors who are available to provide this service.”


Different Strokes Teen and Young Adult befriending service is part-funded by Bolt Burden Kemp solicitors.

Survivor Stories

” I will never let this disability define me. Growing up, I did not fully understand what had happened to me. In school, I was clueless to why I could not run as fast as everyone else, or why I had to wear an arm and leg lycra sock. Due to this confusion, I beat myself up everyday because of the stroke. I hated myself and envied all the children who I would rather be.”

Read Baileys Story​

“My advice for anyone who has recently has a stroke is take things slow, don’t rush recovery and celebrate each step that you take as it’s a step closer to where you want to be and away from where you were yesterday.  Stay strong and smile!  You can do this.”

Read Connor’s Story

“Recovery was one of the hardest things I have ever done both physically and mentally.  I kept a diary of my progress which allowed me to look back to where I started if I was feeling down or had a bad day with no improvements.”

Read Lauren’s Story

“I have been able to go to University and complete my degree and live my life as I would have done before my stroke. I try to focus on the positive and not the negatives.”

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