/Nicola Wallis – One Year On Update

Nicola Wallis – One Year On Update

It’s the eve of my first Stroke Anniversary and I am sitting here with mixed feelings, so here’s just a few thoughts on my anniversary Much has happened in the past 12 months and much of it seems both a life time away and yet some days it’s still such a struggle.

Recovery from a Stroke starts basically from the moment you have it…….

Twelve months ago, without warning, a blot clot stopped oxygen getting to my brain.  It was and is that simple.  From the moment that happened my body fought it…..and well its sort of won!  I have had a little help though over the past year, starting with the immediate medical attention I received and ending with the discharge from the LGI stroke/neuro unit just under a month ago.  However, along the way emotional and physical support has come from many places and some I would have never expected.  Colleagues have looked out for me (I went back to work 3 months after the stroke with a phased returned for a following three months after.) and still do, strangers at the gym who I only knew in passing always ask how I am, neighbours helped me out with the school run, my oldest, closest and dearest friends rallied round even coming to visit me in hospital, really not knowing what and who they were going to see.

I will always remember the look on one person’s face when she saw me…..it was pure relief that I was OK.

Another simply chatted to me whist cutting my hospital dinner up as I had no use of my left side.  There are many people to thank and I could go on and on, but it may sound like an Oscar acceptance speech! They know who they are.

Turned a corner today (quite literally), my lovely physio said I’m good to drive short distances, so drove to supermarket and back on my own!  It might sound trivial but it’s a massive step!

Stroke affects in different ways.  I have learned that I have been lucky.  No one stroke is the same, a few of my buddies in the Different Strokes ‘closed’ Facebook support group (a space for younger stroke survivors & their immediate families living the in UK to talk to others affected by stroke) have suffered more physical effects then me.  No one seems to ever be “fixed”.  There is no ringing of a bell to say that you are stroke free.  Also there’s no guarantee that you won’t have another…….still, where is life without a little risk?

I have had that thought every day for the past 365 days.  Will I have them for the next 365?  Perhaps so and I will let you know.  All I know is that October the 15th will be an important day for me for as long as I need it to be.


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