/The 12 Faces of Stroke- Christmas 2017

The 12 Faces of Stroke- Christmas 2017

Introducing our courageous and inspiring 12 faces of stroke. Our 12 faces represent the thousands of survivors of all ages overcoming the day to day battles of life after stroke. In the 12 days leading up to Christmas we will be introducing you to a stroke survivor at a different stage of  both life and recovery. We have been humbled by their incredible journeys and we know you will find the 12 faces of stroke as inspiring as we have.


This Christmas we want to raise awareness that stroke can happen at any age, we also want to share the impact that sharing experiences has on the lives of younger stroke survivors and their families. We provide services that put people in contact to share these experiences reducing isolation and benefiting all parties. Now we need your help! 2018 will be a big year for Different Strokes, as we embark on new projects to provide specialist support and resources for specific ages. We are also aiming to increase the number of local support groups around the country.

What can we raise in 12 days to support this work?

Give what you can HERE

If you can donate this Christmas your gift will be part of something special, something transformational, something life changing to enable a younger stroke survivors and their family members to reclaim their lives.

We know this time of year puts a lot of pressure on everyone financially and if you are unable to help in this way then please help us by sharing our campaign on social media:



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