/Book Review: Rebuilding Your Life After Stroke

Book Review: Rebuilding Your Life After Stroke

We were recently sent the book Rebuilding Your Life After Stroke, this resource is published by Jessica Kingsley and the description on their website states:

The physical effects of a stroke are often the most obvious, and hospitals can offer medication and therapy to help alleviate them. However, the psychological consequences of having a stroke, such as memory problems or depression are often ignored. Includes the voices of stroke survivors and their carers, this book provides learning tools and practical guidance to aid in recovery from the psychological effects of a stroke.With insight from many people who have experienced a stroke, this book focuses on what stroke survivors can do, rather than what they cannot. Using exercises, such as mindfulness techniques, to help move towards an acceptance of the long-term side effects, this book delivers a positive message to help survivors of strokes live a better and happier life.

We asked stroke survivor and authour Sas Freeman to read and review this useful resources, she said:

“It is both refreshing and uplifting, to learn that professionals have come together to produce a book for the support of both stroke survivors and their families. So often the families are forgotten, despite the fact they too are dealing with the aftermath of the stroke.

It is encouraging to see that it is also in a print size and style that is easy and clear to read. Within its content, there is so much of what I preach both in my book and my mentoring, so how can I not be pleased by its message. The authors have added an extra touch of authenticity for the reader by including snippets throughout from stroke survivors.

It is also heartening to see exercises within it, allowing the survivor to take back some control over their recovery and well-being without overpowering them. I am passionate about empowering the survivor.

I was also delighted to learn that there is an audio version of the book, for those of us struggling to read following stroke. This is something that is so often overlooked.

It did highlight to me however, that sadly suitable illustrations or images required for the book may not have been available. I fear that the type of illustrations used are also used in children’s text books and some survivors when feeling particularly vulnerable could find them condescending. This is by no means a criticism of the authors but sadly of our society, could we as survivors, help change this I wonder?

I feel that the giving back of control where possible to the survivor is priceless, and I congratulate the authors of ‘Rebuilding Your Life After Stroke’ for recognizing this.

I celebrate your positive message and encouragement of the mental aspect of well-being following the stroke.”

The book Rebuilding Your Life After Stroke is on sale now and you can purchase for £14.76 here 

About Sas Freeman

Sas Freeman is a stroke survivor, author of her personal biography Two Strokes Not Out, artist, mentor, motivational speaker and Voice over artist.

After experiencing two strokes during her mid-40s, Sas became a motivational speaker and is passionate about increasing stroke awareness and supporting fellow survivors.

In her own words “I feel very strongly about raising awareness of stroke thus helping survivors and their loved ones. My experience of having two strokes, combined with my positive attitude and practical steps to recovery are, people say, eloquently portrayed in my book, where I write about my own emotions and the passionate belief and promise to help others”.

Find out more about Sas by visiting her website here 


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