Our information pack is a practical resource split into different sections to help you carry on with life after stroke, here is some of the feedback we have received on our information packs:

“Your information should be given to every single stroke survivor in the UK and funded by the government because it’s such a wealth of information.”

“Thank you so much for the information pack you have sent me. It is very detailed and probably the best information I have received since my husband had his stroke over 9 weeks ago!”

Information Pack

 Life after stroke (stroke information & prevention)

  Preventing further strokes

  Services for stroke survivors (services & organisations that may be able to help)

  Benefits (entitlements)

  How to get help from social services (entitlements & procedures)

  Charities that may be able to assist financially

  The invisible side of stroke (dealing with counselling & the emotional aspects of stroke

  Sex after stroke

  FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation)

Work After Stroke

 Work After Stroke

 Work After Stroke – Information for family and friends

  Work After Stroke – Employer’s guide

  Work After Stroke – Information for health & social care professionals


 Care after a stroke in childhood

For Carers

 Caring for somebody after a stroke

Family Resource Pack

When Mum or Dad has a stroke, what do you tell the children?

This resource pack was developed with the help of children who have a parent who has had a stroke.  Available in different formats to cover the whole age range from toddler to teenager, it explains to children what is happening when their mum or dad suddenly has a stroke.  This can be an incredibly scary time for children and the booklets can be used as a starting point for some of those difficult conversations and to support children through the whole experience.

These resources can be ordered as a complete pack or as individual leaflets:

  • 1 Prompt poster to display on the ward
  • 2 Books (one for Mum being affected and one for Dad) with fold out pages and activities for younger children
  • 2 Comics (one for Mum being affected and one for Dad) for older children
  • 1 Magazine article for teens and preteens

To request a copy call 01908 317 618 or 0345 130 7172 or email