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Stuart’s Story

Stuart Tattersley

Stuart Tattersley’s life was turned upside down when he suffered a stroke at just 28. The father from Halifax, was paralysed down the right side of his body, suffered memory loss and lost part of his vision.

“Almost 9 years ago, when I was just 28 years old. I suffered a major stroke that would tear away the person knew. In just a few minutes the blood clot to my brain was ripping all my memories away, destroying my personality and having a damned good go at shutting down my mobility and more importantly my ability to live, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Luckily the odds were on my side that day I received the all-important quick response. From my work colleagues, who directed the ambulance to my location. The clot busting drugs I needed, from the paramedics who zoomed me to Addenbrooke’s Hospital. When there the National Health Service was worth every penny of my well-earned tax. Their help gave me my best chance to survive this ghost like injury. I take my hat off to them all.

The start of my new life. It felt like I had to put my old self to rest, but who is lucky enough to get a second chance at life at 28? I am young. Young, I can rehabilitate . Rehabilitated, I can return.

This brings me to my challenge. I have decided to take part in the Manchester 10 kilometre on the 28th of May with my brother at my side. we will be raising money for Different Strokes. For the young stroke survivors who are given another chance. Rehabilitation is vital and having someone who understands exactly what a survivor is going through. All the ups and downs and downs and downs.

It wouldn’t be fair not to include my amazing Wife Elaine who stood by me all the way throughout and to this day is my rock. And also my 2 boys Ewan who is 9 now but nearly 1 at the time of the stroke and Logan who is 6 now but didn’t come along until 2 years after. They both played a part in my rehabilitation and still do today my goal was to be a father they are proud of.

Even though we seem the same, our life path has taken a detour from its destined route. different Strokes gives amazing support in many ways to a young survivor with their new lives ahead of them. So please support me and my bro through this challenge. Dig deep and give generously. we will be aiming to complete in under 50 minutes.”


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