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Sarah’s Story

Sarah Gray

 456 days. It’s been 456 days….

But 7 days ago I joined this group and since then have been reading your posts. I’ve read months worth to get an understanding of the different ways you have all been affected by this stoke, the world I now live in.

So 456 days ago at 11pm I was 31 years old and I was on top of the world. I was in my bed making my table plan for my wedding….. and then that blip.Gone was the right hand side of my body, gone was the relationship between brain and body that I had never appreciated as much as I do now.

So since then…. January 31st 2016 has become my start date. I started the most incredible, emotional, determined and best journey of my life.

  • I’ve become a wife
  • I’ve Become stronger & stubborn
  • I’ve worked my butt off at physio
  • I’ve endured pain worse than childbirth
  • I’ve started up and coach a netball team
  • I walked again
  • I Swam again
  • I’ve lost 4 stone at slimming world
  • I take nothing for granted
  • I’ve been back to golf
  • I’ve realised how precious life is
  • I’ve fallen down lots
  • Smashed 9 plates, 201 mugs and a bowl
  • I’ve lost friends, I’ve gained better ones
  • I’ve felt fatigue I thought would finish me
  • I’ve campaigned for awareness
  • I’ve made my family proud
  • Small and strong had been my way all along
  • I’ve been at my lowest, and then given myself a shake!
  • For everyone who didn’t get the chance, for everyone that has been robbed and ruined by stroke…I’m grabbing it with both hands and not letting it go.
  • I’m a survivor… and I’m letting you know
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