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I was 50 and very happy until I had a stroke on 12th march 2015, I was a top project manager in print and mail spending a lot of my time working in Dublin. I was also training for the London marathon for Alzheimer’s UK as mum has Alzheimer’s and it was my way to do something useful.


I was up to 22 miles and went to London weekend before stroke for a training day. It’s almost two years since life changed forever. I had collapsed at home and was not found for ten hours, I really am lucky to be alive. My best mate William found me, I never thought I’d walk again, but walking I am… very slowly, but walking.


I feel very happy to be alive and walking, life can be hard that for sure but I’m here and living alone in a council flat I have carers to shower and dress me and I’m fundraising to buy an electric wheelchair to ensure I can have access to my community, so far we have raised £2500, so we are doing well.


I am also going to be walking the London Marathon in September to raise money for Different Strokes to help them help younger stroke survivors. My stroke was caused by a hole in my heart and last week I underwent PFO closure operation on the NHS. I’m back home recovering now and my operation was successful and PFO closed.


My job now is to rebuild my life and next week I’m starting to go to painting classes in a local pub I’m left handed and lost right side to stroke so painting could be for me!

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