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Amit’s Story

Amit Amin

I’m 36 and work in Corporate Banking for Barclays as a Relationship Manager. One morning I woke up at about 2am feeling hot and bothered, got up to visit the loo and I just fell over. I managed to get myself to the spare room and stand in the window before falling asleep there.

A few hours later, my fiancé came in to wake me and see where I was and I couldn’t speak or stand. I had weakness on my left side and couldn’t raise my arms. Immediately she called the emergency service and then decided to take me into hospital herself as it would have been quicker.

NHS were brilliant and I was seen to and had my scans within a couple of hours. I had Physio in the hospital and help from stroke specialists, nurses, psychologists etc. My Occupational therapist told me about Different Strokes and I thought it was great as I had nobody to talk to that had been through the same thing as I had.

They have been great support and I’ve made some good friends so far. The only residual issue I have is vision field loss and the loss of my license. I have regained my motor skills and ability to speak which is amazing. I have had issues with memory but that is getting better.

It’s 24 weeks this week! Can’t believe how quickly the time has gone.

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