SAFE Launch International Study & Project

A large new international study hoping to extend the benefits of mechanical thrombectomy has been launched. Thrombectomy is a treatment for certain types of acute ischaemic stroke that can use mechanical devices to drastically reduce the effects of an ongoing stroke. Very small devices are used to break and remove the clot from the blood [...]

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Raising Awareness In Schools

Inspirational stroke survivor Sue Sandars, who is in training to compete in Paralympic Archery in the next games and is a long time supporter of Different Strokes recently went to a school local to her, The Richard Pate School, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire to raise awareness of stroke.  She said "it was an absolute pleasure to talk to [...]

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GDPR: Do You Want To Keep In Touch?

In May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation comes into force. This means that we require anyone on our mailing list to actively request to stay in contact with us. We currently send anyone on our mailing list a monthly email newsletter, occaisional information and requests for feedback on the work we do. If you select to recieve mail via the post, we will send you a magazine once or twice a year. If you would like this to sign up or continue to [...]

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Launching Our Resources for Young Survivors

We are delighted to announce the launch of our resources aimed specifically at teenage and young adult stroke survivors. In April 2016 we held a teen workshop, during that workshop we discussed  what areas of life they found difficult to navigate following their stroke. Based on this valuable feedback we wanted to create resources aimed [...]

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Come For a Coffee in Hereford…

Come along to meet and chat with other younger & working age stroke survivors. We are starting a new group in Hereford and this will be the first group meeting, we can plan what you’d like to achieve and how we can help you. Please pop along introduce yourself , we are all of varying [...]

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Tipton Group Receive £200 cheque From Local Asda

Our Support Group in Tipton West Midlands; was kindly gifted a cheque for £200 last week from their local Asda to help develop and improve the group. The group which was established by volunteer and younger stroke survivor, Ileen has been running for just over a year. The group supports younger stroke survivors and their [...]

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New Group in West Kent

We are establishing a new group in the West Kent Area. The group has been established by volunteer and fellow younger stroke survivor Lisa Beaumont. You can read Lisa's story HERE. The group will be a place where younger survivors can go to meet other people affected by stroke and take part in activities to aid [...]

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In Memory of Ella Rhodes

Last year we were contacted by the Rhodes family who told us of their daughter Ella who sadly passed away after suffering a major stroke in March 2017. Ella was a supporter of Different Strokes and had previously undertaken a sponsored tandem paraglide in 2012 to raise money for the charity, with this in mind [...]

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