Different Strokes

What is a stroke?

View 'What is Stroke?' for more information about stroke and how it affects other young stroke survivors.

You can also read questions that have been submitted to our newsletter panel of health professional experts.


View and/or download a copy of our practical information pack and also our Work After Stroke information. You can find these documents here.


View and/or download a copy of our “Care After Stroke in Childhood” information pack here.

Healthcare Professionals

View and/or download for reference purposes:

  • our practical Information Pack
  • Work After Stroke information
  • Care After Stroke in Childhood information
  • information for carers
  • a copy of our new Resource Pack for children who are coming to terms with one of their parents having a stroke

All of the above can be located here.


Our newsletter provides news about the latest treatment and aids.  It also includes survivors’ stories, updates about new groups, and keeps you informed of our activities. 

For both current and previous editions, please see our newsletters page.

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Books / Further Reading

Read reviews written by other stroke survivors about books that share personal experiences about stroke or offer advice and support to younger stroke survivors.


A glossary to explain many of the terms and phrases that you may encounter as a stroke survivor.


Our helpline and online chat are staffed by younger stroke survivors. Details of both services can be found on the right-hand side of each page.

Contact us to speak to another stroke survivor to share experiences, recovery tips and coping strategies; or to ask advice on a range of issues including benefit entitlements, returning to work, or obtaining help from social services.

Access to Counselling

Contact us if you would like information about how counselling might help your recovery.

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